Last week, Michigan's ticket department issued a warning about counterfeit tickets to this weekend's MSU showdown being sold on the open market.

Now that some of them have surfaced, I would be ashamed to show my face if I was the counterfeiter, not because of the crime, but because of my bad spelling skills.

Ann Arbor radio host Matt Altruda stumbled upon some of the counterfeit tickets and tweeted a photo of a pair of them, and they have a few glaring mistakes.


I've made spelling mistakes before, but that's just idiotic. On top of it, the word "State" isn't anywhere on them. If you bought these and thought you were good to go, you're just as dumb as the guy who printed them.

If that wasn't enough, the start time for the game was up in the air for quite some time, so the fact that these tickets have the exact start time on them is equally sketchy.

Always check your tickets before buying them from now on, okay?

(via Landof10)

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