A mostly privately funded information campaign surrounding the COVID-19 virus is underway throughout Michigan. You may have spotted one of the brand new billboards that just went up along a state freeway or an advertisement online or maybe a poster in a store or a bank. If you are among those who have at least occasionally used the term “Rona” for the virus, you’ll probably connect easily with the message. The character behind it all, maybe not. The campaign is going with a sunglasses-wearing  animated caricature named “Rona”. The campaign slogan is “Rona 4 Real”. The consortium of private businesses has a mission to make sure you know the COVID-19 virus is real. They’re even offering to sell some related merchandise in the hopes you’ll buy some to help funnel more money into the campaign.

More than a dozen major Michigan based companies are helping foot the bill including DTE Energy, Meijer, General Motors, Quicken Loans, Dow, and TCF Bank. The executives of those companies believe not enough people in the state are showing enough concern about the virus, especially young people under the age of 30.  The campaign website is www.rona4real.com

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