The Calhoun County Public Health Department reports there have now been a total of 347 residents testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. That works out to 0.25 percent of the county’s total population, or two and one-half tenths of one percent. Just shy of 70%, or 240, have been released from orders to isolate by the county. There are 21 deaths in Calhoun County which the health department is attributing at least in part to the virus.  That comes out .015 percent of the county population or one and one-half hundredths of one percent. At last word, less than a half dozen county residents were hospitalized for their treatment. Using those figures as a foundation, county health administrators continue to point to evidence of what they call community spread and say everyone is still at risk of contracting the virus.

Statewide total figures look like this. There are now 54,881 residents testing positive. That’s five and one-half tenths of one percent of Michigan’s total population. The state, with its new and expanded reporting criteria, claims the number of state residents who have died with the virus being present in their systems, or presumed based on post-death medical records reviews, is 5,240. That’s just a touch over 5 one-hundredths of one percent of the state’s population. State health leaders also claim there is plenty of evidence to point to the need for the ongoing shutdown ordered by the Governor.

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