Lately, it seems that Facebook is trying to tell me that I need some freshly baked donuts in my life. Post after post has featured close-up shots of freshly baked and frosted donuts and now, I gotta have one!

As it turns out, we have plenty of options for acquiring those freshly made donuts in the southwest Michigan area. Here are at least 6:

1. Sweetwater's Donut Mill 

Perhaps the most obvious choice in the Kalamazoo & Battle Creek areas is Sweetwater's Donut Mill. This donut shop was established in 1983 and today remains, even with multiple locations, family-owned. Their regular, freshly made donuts aside, they also feature a specialty donut of the week like the Sweet Tea Donut pictured above. You can see Sweetwater's Donut Mill's full menu and story on their website and follow their Facebook page for updates on the donut of the week and any specials they may be running.

2. Amanda's Bakeshop and Farm Market 

This was one of those posts I mentioned above that had just popped up on my Facebook feed. This donut shop was started by the store's namesake, Amanda, when she was a senior in high school. The actual storefront opened in Eau Claire in 2012. Amanda's Bakeshop offers donuts along with freshly baked pies, cheesecakes, cookies, and more. See everything they offer on their website or follow them on Facebook.

3. Louie's Bakery 

Louie's Bakery was established in Marshall in 1952 and remains a family-owned business. Should you decide to visit, don't skip out on their Nut Roll donut which seems to be their most popular. Aside from donuts, though, you'll find freshly baked cookies, specialty cookies, dinner rolls, cupcakes, and more. See their full menu on their website and stay up to date with any specials on their Facebook page.

4. Station 66 

While Station 66 in Battle Creek seems to be mostly known for their ice cream, they also offer freshly baked donuts. You'll find classic flavors like apple, plain, blueberry, chocolate, and more. If you're craving something more savory, they also offer burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. See their hours, location, and full menu on their website. Or, find them on Facebook. 

5. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts 

Peace, Love, and Little Donuts in Portage is actually part of a larger chain that expands across the country. They make fresh, specialty donuts every single day to "feed your inner hippie." You can walk in to order, order ahead online, or even have these little donuts delivered. See their full menu and list of locations on their website or follow the Portage location on Facebook.

6.VerHage Fruit Farms & Cider Mill 

VerHage Fruit Farms & Cider Mill is known for their fresh produce, homemade cider, and fresh baked goods. It features an adorable little shop and, in the Fall, you can find activities like pony rides, hay rides, ziplines, and more. But, in the meantime, if you're craving a homemade donut they have plenty to choose from. In fact, their offered flavors change often so, you may need to contact VerHage to see what's available that day. You can see everything they have to offer on their website and stay up to date on what fresh fruits are in season on their Facebook page.

Donuts are a delightful comfort food and, obviously, there are more than just the six above-mentioned places serving them up. You can see a more extensive list from and Keep in mind that the list from features several places that are seasonal.

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