Holiday meals just wouldn't be complete without a slice of pie. And, since the holidays are practically here, you may be wondering where to get the best pie to impress your family and friends.

Or maybe, like me, you just find yourself randomly craving pie at any given time during the year. To each their own.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit, u/Actual_Mushroom-3525 asked,

Suggestions for where to order/purchase pies for Thanksgiving in the Kzoo area. Txs

With bakeries and cideries galore in the Kalamazoo area, finding a great pie shouldn't be too difficult.

According to suggestions from locals, these are at least 8 places that serve a delicious pie:

1. Verhage Cider Mill 

Verhage Cider Mill has been a family-owned farm since the 1960s. As far as pies are concerned, they have plenty to choose from. Glancing at their website, I count 31 different flavors and styles of pie. You can either visit VerHage cider mill in person in the hopes to score your favorite pie or, probably the better option, place your order ahead of time. Find their phone number and a full list of pies here.

2. Husted Farm Market 

Husted Farm Market will be closing for the season at the end of November. So, if you want one of their delicious pies, don't procrastinate. They make all of their pies with fresh, in-season fruit, according to their website. If you're looking for something that's out of season, you may have a chance of snagging it since Husted Farm Market sometimes freezes out of season fruit. Regardless of what kind of pie you're after, you can find their contact information here or stay up to date on fresh baked goods on their Facebook page.

3. Daane's Party Store

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Located in Portage, this is definitely may be the most surprising suggestion on the list. After all, the words "party store" don't necessarily produce images of delicious pies. But, according to their website, they have famous fresh homemade pies. There's no list of what flavors are available online but, you can find all of their contact information here.

4. Grand Traverse Pie Company 

While Grand Traverse Pie Company is a chain, they offer an incredible amount of options when it comes to pies. Whether your desired flavor is a fruit pie or something more like chocolate creme pie, you'll find it here. They also offer gluten-free pies for those who need that option. See a full list of pies and find out how to place an order on their website.

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5. Bert's Bakery 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

While Bert's Bakery is most well known for their specialty cakes, they also make some delectable pies. They offer a number of different kinds of pies, gluten-free pies, and even sugar-free pies as well. As with any bakery, if you'd like a guarantee on a specific type of pie, making an advanced order is the way to go. Find all of Bert's Bakery's information here.

6. Crane's Pie Pantry

Crane's Pie Pantry is located in Fennville and acts as both a bakery and a restaurant. You may be thinking, "Fennville is a little far to drive for a pie." But, apparently, you can find their frozen pies at a local store. U/mothernatureisfickle said,

If you like Crane’s pies you can get them locally at Sawall’s in the frozen section. They are made fresh, flash frozen and brought here.

Otherwise, you can find their full list of pies and order online on their website.

And now all I want to eat is a piece of pie. Hopefully, you'll find your perfect pie just in time for that holiday meal (or just because you want some pie). Good luck making a decision because all of the above-mentioned pies sound delicious.

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