McDonald's has well over 500 restaurants in Michigan. Most are doing well. The new McDonald's CEO figures the company leadership team has come up with the right strategies to build on that level of business. Restaurant Business Online is reporting the company is developing a new lineup of plant-based offerings called McPlant.  Company executives held a virtual meeting with investors yesterday to outline some of the new developments and McDonald’s business shifts to take advantage of a changing customer base.  Some markets will begin offering McPlant items as early as next year.

CEO Chris Kempczinski tells investors, “It’s not a matter of if we will get into plant-based, it’s a matter of when.”  The new overall strategy for McDonald's is being called “Accelerating The Arches”. It is the framework that will shape McDonald’s operations and hopefully growth for some time to come. The McPlant line may include breakfast items, burgers, and chicken substitutes.  But McDonald's is announcing that it will begin offering a real deal chicken item, a Crispy Chicken Sandwich within a couple of months.

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It may be the chicken focus that will get the most immediate attention.  The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich is already being tested in several markets and the company says the response exceeds expectations. It has to. It will be the company’s head to head competitor to Chick-fil-A.  It consists of a fried chicken filet with pickles and butter on a potato roll. The new strategy for McDonald's also includes a heavier emphasis on breakfast offerings and coffee. McDonald's is now the number two coffee brand worldwide based on servings sold. It’s pushing for number one.

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