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Democrat U.S. Senatorial Candidate Deborah Ross is a North Carolinian who is running for the U.S. Senate against the incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr.  Deborah Ross is also the former head of North Carolina’s ACLU branch who defended bars in North Carolina.  Why did she have to defend them?  They were banning soldiers from coming into their establishments.

Yes you read the correctly.

Some bars in North Carolina were banning soldiers from their bars and she was ok with it.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that some bars began installing “no-military” policies in Wilmington, NC citing complaints about “violent and vulgar behavior by some young Marines.” The bars rules applied to anyone who looked like they were in the military, regardless if they has caused any trouble.

In the article one Marine corporal stated:

If you come in with a haircut like you just came out of boot camp, you’re not getting in anywhere

A captain in the Marines was quoted in the article stating:

How can they pick a certain class of people? That’d be the same as saying only people who make a certain amount of money can come in. They could just as easily say they don’t want blacks in or Jewish people in.

Now does this sound right to you?  How does someone run for any political office in the United States let alone an extremely high office such as a U.S. Senator and is ok with public establishments banning soldiers.  Soldiers who defend their life and liberty.

The Democrat running for the U.S. Senate Ms. Ross stated that the bars were acting within their rights because members of the armed forces are not a “protected class.”

Members of the armed forces are not a “protected class”, but these same members of the armed forces risk their lives for other protected classes.

Ms. Ross then went on to compare the military restriction to policies that require customers to wear certain attire such as a shirt and tie.  She believed that “as long as the discrimination is not based on an “immutable” characteristic such as race or gender it is legally fine.”

This is right and then this is wrong, this certainly does not sound right to me the question is does it sound wrong to you?

Oh by the way Democrat Senatorial Candidate Ms. Ross also did not only defend bars in North Carolina to ban soldiers she also defended the right for people to burn the American flag and wanted Christmas songs banned from elementary schools.

Does that sound like someone who should be running for the U.S. Senate?  I know that she is claiming that the military is not a protected class but my question is attempting to look at this situation on a higher level and that is protecting our military from being discriminated against.

Is this the type of person we want in our U.S. Senate?

The ACLU will defend men using the women bathrooms and locker rooms but will fight against our soldiers right to go to any bars they want to regardless if they have caused any problems at those bars or not.  Again does this sound right to you?

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