Just about every day I bring up examples of how mean, aggressive and even violent the left is. I do this not as a childish act of saying look at what they do or they are worse.  I do so to attempt to show what today’s Democratic Party has become.  They are no longer even the Democratic Party of Bill Clinton.

I assume many who are even just left of center do not want to accept the examples I give them because they believe I am an extreme right advocate.  Even with all the examples it does not seem to matter.

Well how about hearing it from a Democratic presidential candidate by the name of Marianne Williamson.  Ms. Williamson told the New Yorker’s David Remnick in an interview published last Tuesday:

I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this

She then went on to say:

I thought the right did that…I thought we were better.

Ms. Williamson then went on to speak about all the fake news the media spreads about her.  As a few examples she cited the media portraying her as a “crystal gazing kook” as well as her advising AIDS patient to not take their medicine.  Ms. Williamson told Remnick:

There is no crystal in my home, David…There’s never been a crystal on stage when I’ve talked…I’ve never told an AIDS patient not to take their medicine…I’ve never told anyone not to take their medicine. I’ve never told anyone that their lovelessness created their disease. I never told anyone they could love enough to cure their disease…I’m Jewish, I go to the doctor

Now do you believe me?

The only way to stop enabling this behavior is to stop voting for them.  You do not need to hold your nose and vote for a Republican just do not vote for a Democrat and enable the parties’ behavior.

We need to get rid of the people in any party who refuse to work with each other and result to tactics of division and identity politics like we are seeing in the Democratic Party today.  You can be against a parties policies like the Republicans were when Obama was in office, you do not need to engage in division, hatred, aggression and violence like the Democratic Party is doing today.

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