The Democratic Party, Democrats, and their counterparts in the news all like polls these days because they show Biden beating President Trump this fall.  I have a poll they will probably not appreciate.  That poll is from the Washington Post/ABC and the poll shows 49% of the public agree with President Trump when it comes to fraud in the expanded mail-in voting process.

The poll asked the following question:

8. Do you think mail-in voting (is vulnerable to significant levels of fraud) or do you think it (has adequate protections against significant levels of fraud)?

Vulnerable to Fraud: 49%

Adequate Protections: 43%

No Opinion: 07%

The poll also found that 38% of Americans prefer to vote through the mail, while another 59% of us want to vote in person.

The poll was conducted between July 12-15, and actually over-represented Democrats by 6% thus under-represented Republicans by 6%.  The breakdown was as follows: 

  • 30% Democrats
  • 24% Republicans
  • 39% Independents

One more interesting point, the Washington Post/ABC News poll sampled 1006 people and in their unweighted sample size 399 were Trump supporters and 522 were Biden supporters.  

Interest that even with the oversampling of Democrats they still found that more Americans believe that our mail-in voting process is very vulnerable to fraud.

Also, why would you have a sample size of only “399 Trump supporters” and “522 Biden supporters”?

Interesting is it not.  Never believe a poll unless they give you access to their metadata.  That being sample size of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents as well as the exact question they ask.

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