Last weekend at the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders encouraged Michigan Republican leaders to unite and fight the “chaos” she warned Democratic leadership in Washington would cause. She stated:

The chaos that will ensue, the destructive chaos that will take place if we allow the Democrats to win in 2020 will be real

What kind of “destructive chaos” might she be talking about; how about Democrats protesting in front of the family home of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employee in Aurora, Colorado.  A family home where his wife and children live.

The Daily Caller News site estimated there was over 100 protestors who protested outside of Johnny Choate, who works at an ICE processing center in Aurora, Colorado.

Don't believe me check it out for yourself:

How would you like this outside of your families home because of where you work and nothing you did personally?

One man who identified himself as a member of the Denver Communists said:

We believe the detaining and incarceration of immigrants at all is incredibly against human rights. We oppose any borders as well as any enforcement of immigration limitations … We see any encroachment on the freedom of movement to be a violation of human rights.

People can peacefully protest all they want as long as they stay out of the streets.  That said, protesting in front of their targets home in order to intimidate and scare their targets wife, husband, children and neighbors is so far over the line I would definitely categorize it as “destructive chaos”.

Do you want more of this; if so you know which party to vote for.

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