Derek Jeter, retired New York Yankee legend, future Hall of Famer, and Kalamazoo native, has written a nice piece on the work and the effect of his Turn 2 Foundation.The reflection appears in the Player's Tribune, the online site of which he is founding publisher.

Derek Jeter
(Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

In the article, he talks about the hard work put in by his sister, Sharlee, who was straight out of college and who chose to also coach a group the children involved in the project.

After I ordered food for the team, I had to call up Sharlee. Before she could say anything, I told her all about the game.

Scoring our first run. Avoiding the mercy rule. Celebrating on the field. The McDonald’s party.

“See what happens when I coach?” I boasted.

(There’s nothing like one-upping your younger sister.)

Jeter is understandably proud of the accomplishments of both Turn 2 and Jeter's Leaders. And he's very proud of his sister. It's a good read.

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