Well the Detroit Free Press' bias was on full display last night when their political "brains",  Free Press' political analyst and election "guru" Tim Kiska, Todd Spangler their Washington Correspondent, Stephen "let's murder the MI state republican politicians" Henderson their Editorial Page Editor called the state of Michigan for Hillary Clinton at 9:18 PM the night of the election.

In a Detroit Free Press audio clip I hear these men speak about their prediction and state they believe Hillary Clinton will win Michigan by 4 percentage points.

Funny though when I started to see more votes come in about an hour later and it started to look like Trump could win the state that Break News headline disappeared.

This is what I hope more Americans will wake up to and demand that these newspapers, news sites and news TV station stop their complete bias for the Democrat party and start to cover both of these political parities fairly.  Start covering the news for the American people not their political party.

We as Americans must come together after this turbulent campaign and attempt to heal this nation.  We must demand that will we no longer go along with their identity politics, a form of politics that will only help them not us the American people.

Do you think we as Americans can do so, we will see.

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