As I have told my listeners in the past as part of my show prep I feel I need to see what the Detroit Free Press is writing and publishing.  It is always good to know what liberals are thinking, publishing and telling whatever readers they do have.

That being said I came across an opinion piece written by a person by the name of Mitch Albom titled:

He starts his piece by writing:

First of all, she has a name. Gretchen Whitmer. She is not “the woman” or “all she does is sit there” or “you know who I’m talking about” — all phrases President Donald Trump has used besides saying the actual name of the person Michigan voters elected to govern us.

Interesting that the same person who wrote that in his first paragraph then wrote the following in his 5th paragraph:

Trump’s response? Don’t call her back

Albom, he is “the person” the United States “voters elected to govern us”.  Albom, why don’t you “show some respect”?  HIs title is President.

In response to President Trump saying “I don’t know if she knows what’s going on.” Albom writes that Whitmer has:

Hmm. Let’s break that down. You can be Whitmer’s biggest critic, but you must admit she knows what’s going on. She jumped into action early on this virus, dialing down crowd sizes, closing the schools, going after gougers, then shutting the state down altogether, long before most states took similar steps.

What Albom is not telling you is that she took those actions after other governors made those decisions.  I am not criticizing her but being fair in my reporting.  I would say that the governor who took those actions first is really the one that you should call brave and decisive.

What Albom is not telling his readers and by that he is purposely misinforming them or perhaps he is providing “fake news” is that Whitmer is the one who started this spat.  Whitmer is the one who first went on CNN and MSNBC and attacked President Trump, the federal government and his scientific team (Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx) before President Trump said a word about her.

Albom here are a few questions you should ask:

  • Who is the person asking the Federal government for money and hospital supplies?
  • Who is the person who had ZERO stockpiles of anything relating to medical supplies?  To be fair to Whitmer the previous governors also did not appear to create any stockpiles of basic medical equipment.  I am surprised that Granholm did not since our last pandemic, the swine flu, was back in 2009 - 2010 in which over 10 months 60.5 million people in the United States were infected, 275,000 plus hospitalized and approximately 12,500 to 16,000 died.
  • Who is the one who started to trash talk President Trump, the federal government and his scientific team (Fauci and Birx)?

I will let him come up with the answer to those questions.

Here is another question he should ask:

  • Who are the Governors that are asking for money and supplies and not talking trash about President Trump, the federal government and his scientific team on CNN, MSNBC or any other news station or paper?

I will answer that one for you Albom that would be Cuomo and Newsom.

I would ask Albom and all of you who do you think is the intelligent ones in the above scenario?

Albom’s piece is all about President Trump and his responses to Whitmer’s attacks that he refuses to inform his readers about.  Does that excuse the President from counter-punching, no!  Albom just chose to edit out all of Whitmer attacks, but then goes on the attack against President Trump when he wrote:

Let’s be honest. We have come to tolerate an infantile person in a grown man’s job, a baby in a suit.

Albom, would it be fair to then label Whitmer also as a baby in a dress since she was the one who started and continues her attacks against President Trump, the federal government and his scientific team?

I would not call her a baby just as I would not call President Trump one either, why you choose to stoop to that level is beyond me but apparently not you or your “news” paper.  During these times we should all attempt to get along and work with each other, we are all in this together.

Albom then went on to write:

Now is not the time to be a child, Mr. President. Now is the time to put away childish things. To be a man. You can begin by respecting a woman. Her name is Gretchen Whitmer. She is our governor. And like her or not, she represents us to you. She counts. We count. Please, at least act like you understand that.

The progressives make their attacks so easy to counter.  Albom, you certainly have the right to have the opinion that President Trump’s actions are “childish” or whatever you want to call them.  For people to take you seriously you would then have to say that Whitmer’s actions are just as “childish” and she should start respecting men.  Fair is fair among the sexes these days right Albom?

It appears that he wants President Trump to be the adult in the room but not Whitmer.  I believe they should both be the adult in the room and stop sniping at each other, especially during this crisis.  I understand that Whitmer is auditioning for the VP selection on the Biden ticket but please not during this crisis.  You are only hurting your reputation and more importantly the citizens of Michigan.

That being said, it appears Albom has a problem with telling his readers and the readers of the Detroit Free Press the entire truth going back to 2005 when the Baltimore Sun published a piece on April 10th that year that stated:

Albom is making news rather than reporting it, under suspension from the Detroit Free Press until the paper completes an investigation of a fabrication in a column by Albom that ran last Sunday...The Free Press printed an apology from Albom and a front-page letter from the publisher and editor Carole Leigh Hutton promising an investigation. The News quoted Hutton as being "furious" at the "ridiculous" mistake.

The Baltimore Sun’s assistant managing editor for sports Randy Harvey said:

I don't see how they will have any choice at the end of their investigation but to fire Mitch and the editor or editors who read the column before it was published

The Detroit Free Press apparently did not decide to fire him but instead decided to keep a fabricator of news stores on their payroll for decades.

Interesting Albom that you have been practicing not telling the truth, fabrication of stories and misinforming yours and the Detroit Free Presses readers for decades.

There is a lot of data and sad news coming to our countries Governors and President these days, we should cut them all some slack as long as they work together and stop the infighting.  Mistakes and wrong decisions will be made during this time and there will be plenty of time when this has passed to review those decisions.  If you are going to write an attack piece at least have the journalistic integrity of being upfront and honest and tell the entire story.

By the way Albom my name is Renk!

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