Good news, Lions fans, the team has the same odds to win Superbowl 53 as the Philadelphia Eagles did in the 2018 season.

As soon as the Eagles were awarded the Superbowl trophy, Las Vegas oddsmakers made their predictions for the next big game. Superbowl LIII will be played on February 3, 2019, in Atlanta and the New England Patriots are favorites again at +350. (The +350 rating means that a $100 bet pays $350.) The Detroit Lions have the same chance of winning as the Titans, Cardinals, and Ravens, with the Packers looking the best in the NFC North at +800.

The 2018/19 Detroit Lions are +5000 to win Super Bowl LIII. Fifty to one odds means a $100 bet pays $5,100. The 2019 odds are actually better than the 100-1 chance the team was given for the previous season.

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