According to Forbes the Detroit Lions are worth $1.7 billions dollars, that is a 3% increase over last year. Now that sounds like a lot of money does it not.

Well according to Forbes of all the 32 National Football Leagues teams that rates them at 31. Only one other team is worth less then the Lions and that is the Buffalo Bills whose value is $1.6 billion.

According to Forbes the most valuable NFL franchise is the Dallas Cowboys at $4.8 billion followed by the:

New England Patriots at $3.7 billion
New York Giants at $3.3 billion
Washington Redskins at $3.1 billion
and San Francisco 49ers at $3.05 billion

For context the NFL league average is $2.52 billion, with an average increase of 8% per team from the previous season.

Now that sounds like quite a return on their investment, wouldn’t you say?

Anyone want to go in with me to buy a NFL football team?

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