Having something stolen from you gives you just a sick feeling in your gut. But after striking such amazing luck like winning the lottery, the last thing you're thinking is that you could run into some bad luck, which is exactly what happened to a Detroit man identified as Jumal. The Detroit man won 30,000 dollars in the Michigan lottery and then used 2/3 of his winnings to buy a gold chain. The gold chain was valued at $20,000, and while wearing it to the gas station, it would be the last time wearing it.

Surveillance cameras at a Mobil gas station around West Warren Avenue and Grand Boulevard show three men chasing Jumal into the gas station before getting him on the ground a stealing the gold chain: According to the gas station owner, he recognized one of the thieves as someone who had stolen jewelry before from another customer, however, no arrests have been made as of yet. In a video released showing the footage, Jumal explained the situation:

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I hit the lottery. I was looking around trying to make sure nobody was trying to get my chain. So I ran back trying to get back into the gas station. They had grabbed me, tackle me down. They took off running, jumped into their and took off there on Warren.

Investigators believe the taller thief who was seen on video footage robbing another victim previously at the gas station lives in the area, so investigators are asking the community to track him down.

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