This August Detroit is hosting a music festival called “AfroFuture".  The people running the music festival actually opened their tickets sales by committing what some people would call racist and others would call bigoted, pricing structure.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the organizers were charging, what they called “early bird people of color” $10 a ticket and then charging “non-POC”, POC stands for People of Color, $20 for the same ticket.

Certainly sounds at a minimum bigoted and in its worst case racist.

What in God’s name were they thinking when they came up with such a bigoted, anti-white pricing structure.  Did these brilliant people somehow think that was legal?  I can only imagine this “music” festival will be run smoothly if they have such intelligence organizing the event.

The organizers first attempt to explain their anti-white bigoted pricing structure by stating that music festivals are often cost-prohibitive and do not benefit the black communities that host them.

Organizer Numi Ori wrote on Facebook:

Events often designed for marginalized Black and Brown communities can be easily co-opted by those with cultural, monetary, and class privileges…Our goal is to ensure that the youth of our communities can participate in the building of a just society; one that promotes EQUITY over EQUALITY.[sic]

OK, then price your tickets cheaper or make them free.

Apparently the possible upcoming lawsuits got to them and last Sunday, the festival changed its pricing to $20 general admission for all people and "suggested donation" for "non-POC" attendees.

A spokesperson for Eventbrite, an online promotion and ticket selling site, told CNN that the company does not:

permit events that require attendees to pay different prices based on their protected characteristics such as race or ethnicity.

A civil rights lawyer also told The New York Times the different prices could be viewed as "discriminatory" and result in possible lawsuits.  Really, it could be viewed as “discriminatory”, what law school did you graduate from?

What is also funny but disturbing, if you go to the music festivals Eventbrite page the music festival states:



How does “treating everyone the same” equate to charging people based on their skin color?

This is certainly an example that there are “racist” and “bigoted” people in all of our “communities”.

Don't all lives matter?

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