One thing about the NBA is the teams go through tons of branding changes and sometimes logos, colors, and jerseys can all be affected. As a long-time Detroit Pistons fan, I can remember a plethora of jersey lineups the team has donned. Granted I am 23 years old and have only seen a handful of these in my lifetime, I watched plenty of old tapes to know the Motor City basketball team had swag.

In the past few weeks, the Pistons announced they would be returning the teal jerseys from the 90s to the hardwood this year. Obviously, this will be the first time these jerseys have been worn since the palace has been torn down and the team moved into Little Ceasars Arena in Downtown Detroit. With the return of the teal jerseys, I couldn't be more excited to go watch a game while some fans agree with me, others had other opinions on the matter.

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Positive Pistons

Some Pistons fans like myself, are excited about this logo, color scheme, and jerseys are making their return. We like that it adds some flavor to the squad and embodies the city of Detroit the best. Some fans on Facebook had really good things to say about the jerseys despite all the hate. Kenneth L Williams, who's a part of the Pistons Nation Facebook group said

"Am I the only one here who Loves the Teal Era Pistons alongside their Jersey? I'm actually beyond hyped that the Teal has returned".

Followed by Marcus Stewart sharing in the Pistons Basketball Barbershop;

"No matter how you feel about the teal jerseys coming back, they’re a massive upgrade over every alternate jersey we’ve had over the past decade (except last season’s)."

Lastly, Qiana M Davis posted on her public page to share with the world;

"Ya'll going really hard hating on the teal jerseys but ion care I like em and I'mma stick beside them #ReturnOfTheTeal#DetroitBasketball"

Teal Takedowns

On the other hand, some Pistons fans truly do not want to see these jerseys return. They had many different reasons for why they preferred the current color scheme over the teal throwback and they did not hold back. Some of the fans on Facebook made it a point to make sure everyone knew of their disappointment. Joseph Jones shared a video where he explained his disgust and captioned it;

"I don't care what y'all say the teal jerseys are a no-go."

Carl Williams posted to his public page to say;

"Guess I'm the only one who thought the teal piston jersey was awful."

Detroit Discord

Many comments mentioned how it just isn't like the Pistons and doesn't fit their brand, while others were saying the design is linked to poor productive teams and they don't want to bring that energy back. Fans responded by saying these will only be worn for 10 games and they can just choose to not watch those games.

The classic throwback look will only be for limited games this year so go in person or watch on tv and enjoy the show. Maybe they stay around for a few years or only last for this season, but either way, they are back for now. Now that we have the teal back, many fans, myself included, are now asking for the red version of the same jersey design to make a return.

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