Two days ago I informed you about a very ignorant tweet sent by one of the most intellectually challenged person in Congress, Rashida Tlaib.  In response to a shooting incident that occurred last Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn Center Minnesota.

Officials from the city believe that the shooting incident was an accidental shooting that resulted in the death of a man by the name of Daunte Wright. In the released video footage, Daunte Wright was being arrested for an outstanding warrant for what we were told was for attacking and robbing a woman (aggravated robbery). 

In fact, the Washington Times reported the following:

“The 20-year-old Wright had an open warrant for a Dec. 1, 2019, attack in which he allegedly tried to rob a female acquaintance by brandishing a handgun and threatening to shoot her, choking her twice and reaching into her bra to grab $820 as she screamed, according to court documents.”

In that video you see him fighting with the police and attempting to escape.  When he was attempting to flee you then see the officer pull, what she believed to be her Taser but was her service weapon and shoot the man.

Officials are characterizing the shooting as an "accidental discharge" after reviewing the released body camera footage which appears to show the officer yelling "Taser”.  It is currently believed that the officer meant to grab her Taser but instead grabbed her gun and fired it.

Tlaib’s tweeted:

A Local CBS Detroit affiliate reported Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s thought on the incident when he said:

“This was a tragic incident, and it should’ve never happened...But when these tragedies happen, you shouldn’t just broad-brush the entire profession.”

When asked about his thoughts on what Rep. Tlaib tweeted and thinks he stated that her tweet was a:

“disgusting knee-jerk response.” 

He informed people that Detroit’s population is approximately 80% Black and then said:

“To say policing should be abolished gives no consideration to the people who live in our neighborhoods who rely on police to provide service...What happens to those folks? What about the victims?”

It is obvious Chief Craig, she does not care about what happens to the victims or she would not have tweeted such an ignorant statement.

Then Chief Craig asked a thought-provoking question:

“The people who live in our city don’t want to abolish the police, so the million-dollar question is: Who does (Tlaib) represent?”

I like this Chief; he has commons sense, he will not bow down to the PC liberal cult, he is very intelligent and speaks the truth.  Wonder why Detroit is doing so much better than most of the other liberal big cities across America.

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