If you're a true Detroit Tigers baseball fan like me, then we all should know what the next step will be in a couple more years. World Series Champions!

What's it going to take to get us there? Finding the most talented baseball players that money can buy and fielding the best Detroit Tigers team possible that the general manager can build on.

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Al Avila is the general manager of the Detroit Tigers and this man works overtime to come up with the right players for the Tigers franchise.

Can he do it? I believe that he can, and it's in the works right now. Avila most recently recruited a new Detroit Tigers starting pitcher by the name of Eduardo Rodriguez. This man is an outstanding pitcher and will definitely help us during next year's baseball season.

The Tigers are currently looking at finding another shortstop. The problem is that some of these pro baseball players are demanding ridiculous money.

According to mlive.com:

"There are more ways of putting together a winning team on the field," Avila said. "So if it doesn't work out at the shortstop area, then we might have to look at other areas to make the team better. There's a lot of different ways to attack it.

I like the fact that AL Avila is taking his time to find the right players for the right positions on the playing field.

Mlive.com adds:

The Tigers have been more aggressive than most, acquiring catcher Tucker Barnhart and signing Rodriguez within the first two weeks of the offseason.

Sounds good to me. Next up: Find a shortstop who's ready to take the Detroit Tigers to a whole new level.

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