The Detroit Tigers baseball game was halted when a goose landed on the field during play. See how he made an impact on the scoreboard.

This may be the most exciting thing that has happened to the Detroit Tigers' season so far this year. At the top of the 6th inning during the May 30 game against Los Angeles, a goose landed on the grass at Comerica Park and strutted around the infield.

USA Today reports Tigers personnel went on a wild goose chase (literally) but were unable to catch the bird before he took flight. Heading for the outfield, it looked like a home run ball until the goose crashed into the scoreboard. Wounded, it dropped into the seats where a compassionate fan scooped up the fowl. As Ernie Harwell might have said, "It looks like a nice young lady from Rochester has a souvenir to take home."

The Tigs may look to seed the field to attract more geese as they went on to rally and put up 5 runs inthe inning, eventually winning the game 6-1.

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