A classic game is getting an unusual update.

The Detroit Tigers, in the midst of a pennant race, decided to loosen things up in the clubhouse by playing rock-paper-scissors -- with a twist.

Pitcher Justin Verlander posted this video on Instagram showing what happens when players on the team lose in a game:

Let's see if we've got this straight: rock beat scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock and water bottle beats everything. We can see this catching on, although we're not so sure a water bottle if the best choice, since there isn't one around at all times. So, maybe an empty milk carton will do. Or a bag of pretzels. Or a tube of toothpaste. But none have that cache, right?

So maybe we should make water coolers a permanent part of the game, if for no other reason than "rock-paper-scissors-water cooler" just sounds so awesome.

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