Yesterday at Governor Whitmer’s press conference, among other COVID-19 related issues she mentioned a possibility of relaxing some of her restrictions in her executive orders placed through the Michigan Department of Ha]earth and Human Services (MDHHS).

She stated:

“We’re expecting to make more announcements on additional re-engagements in the coming days...Our case numbers and public health metrics are trending in the right direction. I’m very pleased to see that. I’m feeling very optimistic.”

She mentioned possibly relaxing some restrictions on visiting nursing homes and residential indoor gathering.  In case you forgot Governor Whitmer will only allow you to have 10 people from no more than two households in your own home.

Her discussion of possibly easing some restrictions was the shiny object that all of the press seems to be concentrating on.

Not me!

When asked about the extreme restrictions placed on restaurants and bars, which currently are at 25% capacity and you must close no later than 10 pm she said:

“They want to go to 50% and they think that it can be done safely. And I get that. That’s what I expect to hear...I am hopeful that eventually we get to that point. But at this juncture, we’ve been at it just a couple of weeks, we’ve got to keep watching the data.”

Did you catch that?  

She actually said “I am hopeful that eventually we get to that point”

Is she actually saying that restaurants and bars may never be able to fully open with no restrictions as long as she is the dictator, sorry I meant Governor?

Sure sounds like it to me.

In an article published at MLive the reporter wrote:

“When restrictions are eventually eased, they’re not likely to be removed entirely.”

What exactly does that mean?  Did the reporter believe Whitmer to say that some form of restrictions will always remain in place or are they referring to next week when Whitmer may ease restrictions?

It could be taken either way.

Here is a question for all of you: as long as she is Governor do you believe she will every relinquish all of this power/control she has been allowed to hoard over the last year?

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