We had to do a double-take on this ourselves as a snowy photo captured by a northern Michigan man was sent in to a news station in the Upper Peninsula showing what appeared to be a snow covered Bigfoot. The image on the left shows what appears to be a snowy Squatch, while an enhanced image on the right shows just exactly what it is. The news station elaborated on their page saying:

BIG FOOT SIGHTED IN PRUDENVILLE! Terry Rhoton sent us these pics of a so-called snowy Big Foot on an ORV trail in Prudenville. The perfectly fallen snow definitely had us doing a double take.

This isn't the first time there have been false alarms about someone mistaking something for Bigfoot. Right here in Kalamazoo not too long ago there was somewhat of a major disturbance off of 131 which had multiple cars pulled off to the side of the road, with multiple people claiming it was Bigfoot. This led many residents to believe that we may have had a chance encounter with one nearby.

Unfortunately nobody has yet to find hard conclusive evidence that there is a Bigfoot, and yet Finding Bigfoot has filmed 12 full seasons. By now shouldn't it be called "NOT Fining Bigfoot," because that's what the show is actually about. Anyway, sorry for going off the tracks a little bit there, but it had to be said. Unfortunately this was once again our imaginations playing tricks with us. Back to your normally scheduled program of Not Finding Bigfoot. As for me, I know you're real...

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