Monday Morning (6/10/19) at 10:51 AM a 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook Ohio, just Northeast of Cleveland.

We didn't feel it here in Michigan.  However, the epicenter of this earthquake was a little too close to Cedar Point in Sundusky, OH for my comfort.  I'm already scared on most roller coasters.  If the ground is shaking below that coaster I am OUT!

You may think earthquakes are rare in the Cleveland area.  You would be correct according to Betsy Kling of WKYC,

Are earthquakes rare here? Well, uncommon may be a better word for it. Many remember the January 31, 1986 5.0 quake in this same area.


No injuries or damage has been reported following this quake.  The near by nuclear plant has undergone a full inspection and everything seems to be all good there.

Michigan doesn't feel the ground shake too often either.  However, the Detroit area felt and earthquake in Ontario last April according to

And who can forget the West Michigan earthquake of 2015?  On May 2nd a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit just sound of Galesburg.


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