Michigan enjoys the largest deposit return.  Well, except when it comes to liquor bottles in one state.

MentalFloss.com tells us that at 10 cents a can/bottle, Michigan has the highest bottle deposit cost in the country.  In fact, it's twice as much as almost every state in the U.S.

But then there's Vermont.  They only offer a 5 cent deposit on regular cans and bottles.  However, Vermont residents get a whopping 15 cents back on most liquor bottle returns.  Do people in that state just throw their liquor bottles all willy nilly and litter like crazy?  What happened that warranted such a high deposit for specifically liquor bottles?

Here in Michigan we've been returning bottles and cans at a blistering pace.  We peaked In 1998 as Michigan residents returned as much as $443.2 Million in deposits.  Over the last decade we've average around $370 Million a year.  You can see a full breakdown that goes all the way back to 1990 from Michigan.gov.



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