Over the past year I've been trying to make better decisions when it comes to eating and started phasing out certain meats products. There are so many different vegetarian options now than ever before, and plenty of places to get them in Kalamazoo. Personally, I feel a lot of the beef replacement stuff is awesome. Talking with a friend recently, they told me about how of the most popular brands, Morningstar Farms, used to make ribs. This blew me away.

Unfortunately they no longer make the ribs, so I had to send a tweet out to Morningstar to let them know my feelings:

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After the reply, I actually went to their page and realized their parent company is Kellogg, so they're based right here out of Battle Creek. I had no idea this entire time we had, not only a local meat replacement option, but one of the biggest names out there. I guess I'll just have to wait patiently for vegetarian ribs to hit the market again.


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