Why are they tiny Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor and why do they keep disappearing?

If you pay careful attention when walking the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan you might be surprised to see something for the first time that's been there all along.  Tiny, adorable little fairy doors.  There is likely a couple of dozen of these miniature doors randomly throughout Ann Arbor.  The first discovery of the mysterious doors was in 1993 according to thecrazytourist.com,

While Jonathan and Kathleen Wright were renovating their century-old home in 1993, their young daughters stumbled upon an enchanting discovery – teeny-tiny six-inch doors scattered around the baseboards, the fireplace and the kitchens!

Then around 2005 these fairy doors just started popping up all over town.  Sometimes these doors stay in the same place for many years, while some of the doors will move or simply disappear.  But, why?  According to Urban-Fairies.com, the official website for fairy doors in Ann Arbor, it's just in their nature,

Because Urban Fairies are as fickle as any Woodland or Flower Fairies, the locations change with whims.  At any given time, there may or may NOT be a door when you look.

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If you're interested in checking out these fairy doors for a cool IG picture or TikTok video you can go on a fairy door tour using an updated map by clicking here.  Some of these tiny doors have amazing detail.  Let's just say, these fairies are quite handy when it comes to woodwork.  Check out photos of the current fairy doors by clicking here.

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