Holidays are always horrible for hurting yourself. And that's not even counting getting into it with a drunk relative. Here's the top 4 according to some medical folks.

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I ran across this article, and while it does seems straight ahead common sense, it does also bring back a memory or two for me.

1. Cutting yourself. Bird comes out, somebody's got to slice it up. And it's hot. (see below) And not only that but, think about all the other things you have cut up when you're prepping the side dishes.  I have two great recipes for stuffings (Oyster and White Castle Hamburgers) Both require celery to be finely chopped. A word to the wise: Whatever your slicing, hold it down with your knuckles. That will protect your fingers. Also, it's probably the one or two times of the year you may use and electric knife. Unless you use it a lot, it takes some practice getting used to it.

Also, funny story. My fiance's family used to have an ugly turkey shaped platter that became sort of a cringe-worthy family heirloom. One year, the sister's in law were talking on the phone, and mid conversation, the platter just shattered. But Holy Cow, was it funny.. (how does this tie-in? Glass all over the place. Have the broom and vacuum handy.

2. Food poisoning. Cook everything to temperature, especially the turkey. About 15 years ago, I got the bright idea to do the turkey in a Weber Kettle Grill. It tasted great at the table, but....just make sure the inside of the bird is cooked. Red is not good.

3. Burns. Everything coming out the oven is hot. I know you know that. But remember, about the time that all the food is coming out of the oven is about the same time people start arriving; Kids, parents, cousins, friends, neighbors. Point is, there's a lot of activity and you may not be paying attention to what you're doing or where the hot thing are. Also, if you the designated turkey carver, let the bird sit for at least 15 minutes after it comes out of the oven. That's just smart cookiing practice. It' lets the juuices settle, and it makes it less likely you'll burn your fingers.

4. Sprains. You can only sit around talking so much. Eventually folks are going to get bored. So when they go outside throw the ball around, this is where someone can sprain an ankle or pull a hammy. Same thing with the family bowling tournament on Friday.

And I haven't even mentioned relatives. Let's hope you get along with everyone, but that's the Kumbaya singer inside me talking. Folks don't always get along. Alcohol enters the picture. Bingo! Fight breaks out. Don't be stupid. They'll be gone soon enough, and you don't have to see them until Christmas.

So let's be careful out there.Happy Thanksgiving.