If you've seen one dad, you've seen them all.

A photo of two men dressed eerily alike made its way onto Reddit, prompting the birth of the word "dadppelganger," i.e., a father who resembles another father.

These two papas are not only wearing the same button-down shirt, they've also got similar pants, belts, glasses and balding heads, not to mention the ear-to-ear grins of suburban Volvo-driving dads who are super excited their sons made the honor roll.

We can try and guess some of the other things they have in common, too: they tell head-shakingly bad puns to waiters in restaurants, yell "Do I look like I own the electric company?" when all of the lights are on in the house during the day, insist on listening to oldies music during family road trips and wear socks with sandals.

In true dad fashion, though, they'd tell us to stop making fun of people because that's just not nice and how would we feel if someone did that to us?

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