Buy a gift card online now- shop local later. To protect public health, downtown merchants are offering package pickup and 40% savings.

Downtown shopping in the current climate of social distancing is challenging, but merchants and Downtown Kalamazoo Partnership have come up with a plan.

The Partnership has partnered with the City of Kalamazoo to identify 16 dedicated curbside pick-up locations where patrons will be able to drive up, idle and await take-out and pick-up orders from Downtown restaurants and retailers. Stations are deployed throughout downtown and marked with cones.

Also, to try to mitigate the economic impact, businesses and the association are offering big savings on gift cards- spend $25 and get an additional $10 tacked on. These cars can be bought online now and used downtown later.

In the first 24 hours, the incentive was offered, nearly $10,000 was collected that goes directly to locally-owned and operated downtown businesses. The goal is to sell 999 cards, with more than 750 gone as of Thursday evening. If you want this deal, grab it now and support downtown Kalamazoo.

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