As the title asks; do you believe in a government-backed vaccine passport, all but 4 Democrats in Michigan’s House of Representatives do?  The bill is seeking to preemptively ban publicly-funded entities from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for any reason.

Yesterday the Michigan House of Representatives took a vote on House Bill 4667 which was sponsored by Rep. Sue Allor, Republican from Wolverine.  The bill would:

“prohibit COVID-19 vaccination passports and the use of an individual's COVID-19 vaccination status for certain purposes; to provide for the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental officers and entities; and to prescribe remedies.”

Per the bill “Governmental entity" does include “school district, public university or college”.

Michigan’s House of Representatives passed the bill 62-47 with only four Democrats voting for this bill with the Republicans.  Those four Democrats are Reps. Kevin Coleman, D-Westland, Tullio Liberati D-Allen Park, Tim Sneller, D-Burton and Richard Steenland, D-Roseville.  The bill now goes to the Senate.

This bill would allow for civil action if not followed, Section. 7. (1) states:

“If a governmental entity is not complying with this act, the attorney general, the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the governmental entity serves, or a person may commence a civil action to compel compliance or to enjoin further noncompliance with this act…(4) If a governmental entity is not complying with this act, and a person commences a civil action against the governmental entity for injunctive relief to compel compliance or to enjoin further noncompliance with the act and succeeds in obtaining relief in the action, the person shall recover court costs and actual attorney fees for the action.”

From the House floor yesterday Rep. Allor said:

“The control of one’s life based on his or her vaccination status is frightening…It is not something that we, as United States citizens, should ever consider as acceptable…I cannot imagine there ever being a time when a program such as this would be a good idea”

Can you believe that 47 out of 51 Michigan elected Democrat state representatives voted for government officials and taxpayer-funded entities like public schools, colleges and universities to have the ability to ask:

“Show me your papers”

What’s next, will they vote against a bill that would preemptively prohibit camps being created to house the people who do not show their papers or take the vaccine?

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