When I read that leaders of Michigan’s Democratic Party do not want to go back to work I thought they should be ashamed of themselves.  How many constituents of their: grocery store employees, truck drivers, health care workers, fire and police, utility company employees, pharmacy employees, news people and others, do they believe are essential and must work but apparently they do not believe they are essential enough to work at least one day this month from the State House in order to debate and vote on such an important issue.

Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield called all the elected state representatives back to session on Tuesday, April 7th to consider an extension of Michigan’s state  emergency executive order in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

House Democratic Leader Christine Greig, D-Farmington Hills expressed “grave concerns” in a letter to Speaker Chatfield about returning to session without extra precautions:

to protect the health and safety of members, staff, and the public

I understand that but what about all of these “essential” workers, many who make half of what these elected politicians do, and their “grave concerns”.  Speaker Chatfield wants to discuss then vote on the Governor's emergency extensions request and Democrat leaders apparently do not want to show up to do so.  What if the people who work at the grocery stores that Minority Leader Grieg shops at just decided they do not want to show up for work because of their “grave concerns”, what would she have to say about that.

House Speaker Chatfield in a letter replying to Minority Leader Grieg's letter stated the House “has a plan for symptom and temperature checks that mirrors the guidelines established by the MDHHS and CDC”.  He also wrote in a letter responding to Grier’s concerns”

Every possible measure will be taken to minimize the risk of exposure to legislators and staff as they do what millions of other Michigan residents are doing every day and show up to perform an essential service...Of course, any elected official who feels unsafe will need to do what they feel is best, and directions will be sent out shortly informing members who have had either symptoms or contact with possible COVID19-positive residents to stay home.

How embarrassing, when the going gets tough the tough show up and the rest cower at home.

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