Here's where you can get stuff for free after you cast your vote on November 8.

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Bethany Clarke, Getty Images

No matter which candidate you cast your vote for, it can get you free stuff in Kalamazoo. It's the American way...democracy and handouts.

Here's where to go and what you can get with your "I Voted" sticker. Of course some restrictions may apply, see stores for details, batteries not included.

  • 7-Eleven is offering voters a free cup of coffee
  • Chuck E. Cheese rewards your citizenship with a free personal pepperoni pizza with any pizza purchase.
  • Schlotsky's supports the two-party system with buy one Mac and get one free.
  • Uber will give you a ride to the polls if you have never used the service before.
  • You may have heard that some YMCA locations are offering free child care on November 8, but the Kalamazoo "Y" is "not participating due to other programs and the capacity of our facilities."

Again, please read the fine print and be sure to ask if your local location is participating in these Election Day deals. We've had enough shouting and name-calling in this election cycle.

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