Local authorities will continue working with the F.B.I. to investigate a wave of bomb threats sent through email yesterday. At around 3:15, alerts were sent out in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties, as well as other communities around the state and across the country, warning that threatening emails had been sent to businesses, schools, and government organizations. It triggered searches, evacuations and fear, but later it was determined there were no signs of explosives.

Law enforcement agencies across the country dismissed the threats, saying they were meant to cause disruption and compel recipients into sending money and were not considered credible. Even though it was all deemed a hoax, if you received a bomb threat email, contact your local law enforcement office depending on where you received the email.

Here is a transcript of the hoax bomb threat email that was sent out Thursday:

Subject: Use your time wisely

Hello. My mercenary has carried an explosive device (Tetryl) into the building where your company is located. It is constructed according to my guide. It has small dimensions and it is hidden very carefully, it is not able to damage the building structure, but if it explodes you will get many victims. My man is controlling the situation around the building. If he sees any strange behavior, panic or policemen he will power the bomb. I can withdraw my man if you pay. You pay me 20.000 dollars in BTC and the device will not explode, but do not try to fool me -I warrant you that I will call off my mercenary only after 3 confirmations in blockchain network. You have to solve problems with the payment by the end of the workday, if the workday is over and people start leaving the building the bomb will detonate. Nothing personal, if you don’t send me the bitcoins and a bomb explodes, next time other commercial enterprises will pay me a lot more, because this isnt a one-time action. To stay anonimous I wont log into this email account. I check my wallet every 30 min and if I see the payment I will order my recruited person to leave your district. If an explosion occurred and the authorities read this letter! We arent terrorists and do not assume liability for explosions in other buildings.

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