I recently received an email from a listener and his wife describing to me why they believe they must support Donald Trump in his campaign to become our next President.

I believe it was well thought out and written, with no bias towards the Democrat or Republican party, so I decided to share it all with you.

The email came from John and Gail Gisler and is as follows:


Our Federal Government is out of control.  It intrudes into our daily lives, dictating decisions that we should make for ourselves. Try to buy incandescent light bulbs, non-low-flow shower heads and toilets, or a car without air bags. Those may all be good ideas, but do we need government to dictate what we can and cannot purchase? Let people choose for themselves.

Over the last several decades, Congress has created vast bureaucracies that issue 4,000 new rules and regulations each year. Each new regulation infringes a little further into our individual freedoms.

The national debt now exceeds $19 trillion dollars and keeps growing every year. You cannot run your family’s finances forever spending more that you make. The same is true for government. At some point we need to get spending under control and begin reducing our debt.

The U.S. Government has grown rapidly in the last one-hundred years and moved far from the limited government envisioned by our founders. It now consumes more than 20% of our nation’s total output and shows no signs of slowing down.

It makes no difference which of the two major political parties is in charge in Washington, spending increases and government grows larger and more intrusive. Our freedoms are disappearing.

Our Federal Government needs to be seriously shaken up and Donald Trump is the only candidate that will do so. He is wealthy enough to not have to rely on special-interest groups for their support. He can truly be his own man.

Trump is not a politician. He’s a business man. A successful one. He knows how to get things done. He does not see us as “interest groups” – blacks, Latinos, males, females, old, young, gay, straight, union or non-union. To him, we’re all AMERICANS and that’s it! No special favors based on color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age etc.

We are a nation of laws and the laws apply equally to all of us.

Trump is a strong leader and has successfully worked with people and countries around the globe. He knows how to negotiate to get things accomplished. He will restore respect for our country with both our allies and enemies.

Trump has created jobs – lots of them. We don’t care whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican. He wants anyone who works hard to again be able to achieve the American dream.

For all these reasons, Donald Trump is the only game in town.

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(Editor's Note: John Gisler, R-Scotts, is a Kalamazoo County Commissioner)


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