This woman went from zero to mortified in two seconds flat.

A woman driving a Mercedes in Great Falls, Va. backed up and rolled onto the front of a Ferrari 458 Speciale. While we don't actually see the cars make contact, we see the aftermath when it appears as if everyone within the zip code converges onto the scene.

Around the 40-second mark, the Ferrari's owner enters the picture and declares in a statement of bewilderment, "Are you serious? Are you [bleeping] serious? This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen." Meanwhile, the woman responsible for this disaster can only muster an "Oh my god. I'm shaking."

The woman was in the car with her family, so you'd have to seriously question if she'll be the one giving lessons to her kids when they get their permit. She's probably not too concerned with that at the moment, though. Her mind is more than likely consumed with thinking the car behind her had been a Dart, a Pinto or, you know, anything that's not a Ferrari.

Here's another look:

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