The rage these days is to not let your son play football because of the harmful effects it will have on his body.

For the purpose of transparency I must inform you that I was a football player and I loved every play, game and season I played.  Loved every moment and wish I could have played longer.

Now back to the Long Snapper point I am trying to make.  The Detroit Free Press is reporting about the Detroit Lions Long Snapper Don Muhlbach.  Don just signed to play in his 16th season with the Detroit Lions.

That is 16 years of making a professional athletes salary for snapping a ball during a football game.  For those who might not know a long snapper is someone who snaps the ball to the player who punts the ball or attempts to kick a field goal or extra point.  Due to the rules of the game he rarely gets hit when he snaps the ball.  He probably is only in the game for a handful of plays, I would say 10 plays or less.

For that Don Muhlbach was paid $1,105,000 dollars last year according to Spotrac.  I would assume he will make close to that for the upcoming year.

Now that my friends is some easy and safe money to make as a professional football player.

So if you son is interested in playing football I would certainly steer him in the way of becoming a professional Long Snapper in the NFL.

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