We have all heard about the 50 something year old women claiming some type of sexual harassment or action against Judge Kavanaugh.  Now a second 50 something year old women, Deborah Ramirez, has apparently remembered that at the age of 18 Judge Kavanaugh  did something to her, and we are told a third women represented by the porn actress Stormy Daniels lawyer is going to make an accusation.

This Ms. Ramirez can not remember if the incident happened their freshman or sophomore year at Yale. She admits to drinking heavily on the night in question, and said that, while significant gaps exist in her memory, the accusation was the result of six days of careful reflection in conjunction with her attorney.  That is interesting that it actually took them six days to come up with this accusation.

By the way two male students that M.s Ramirez claimed were present during the misconduct deny that it occurred and another unnamed student, who said she was one of Ramirez’s closest friends at Yale, said Ramirez has never mentioned the event.

Well have I received two letters from female listeners of mine and I thought that their take on this was interesting enough to share them with you.  The first comes from a female listener of mine named Grace and Grace wrote:


Brett Kavanaugh has been labeled as guilty in the court of public opinion. No charges, no trial, not even evidence.  This man's been slandered, his family threatened and his reputation tainted by a cloudy recollection of events.

Whatever happened to "Innocent until proven guilty?"

The accuser, Ms. Ford, has also been threatened, which is unacceptable.  Whether she is truthful or not, she and her family should not be threatened.

Reasonable people surely see this is a last ditch effort by the Democrats to stop a confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice.    Pathetic.

This letter was received in July by Feinstein.  Ms. Ford wished to remain anonymous and did not want to pursue this further.  So, why send the letter in the first place???

Feinstein and her office staff, leaked the accusers name and letter to the media, by design.  They should be fired for leaking.  Besides that major point, why did Feinstein not bring it up during regular confirmation proceedings?   She had ample opportunity during her 20 minutes of questioning.

Now the accuser wants to be in control.  Her way or no way.  She and her legal eagles are trying to control the Senate.  She has offered no details with any substance.  She cannot recall with certainty facts, location, others present, etc.  What exactly is she going to say to the Senate under oath??  "I don't recall Senator"   "I am not sure Senator"

I WAS a victim of molestation 42 years ago.  I remember every detail.  Who, location, time of day, what I was wearing, who was in the room, who was in the house.  I even remember what was showing on the television - Gilligan's Island.

If Ms. Ford is to be credible in her accusations, she better come up with more than a fuzzy memory.  She waited 36 years to tell her story.  True or not, it makes you far less believable.  The fact you told no one about this incident until 2012 when "he was a big deal in Washington."  Perhaps there is an underlying motive.  Just saying.

The Senate committee should proceed with their vote on Monday if Ms. Ford doesn't testify on Monday.  She has been given multiple options to present her side.  If this was truly urgent and pertinent, she would have been on an airplane in an hour to testify on her own behalf.

This is a political game.  I am so tired of the games, the scheming, the deceit, the twisted lies, hatred and in-fighting.

When one generation "tolerates" something, the next generation  embraces it.  We desperately need to stop tolerating this behavior and start taking our country back.

Our only option is the voting booth.  Vote out these career people and get some new blood in there.  Someone perhaps who remembers they work for us the American people.

The second letter came from a listener by the name of Peggy and it is as follows:


It is really too bad. I used to have some sympathy for the women who stepped forward to report abuse long ago (myself having been abused but never reporting). The latest two have made this a perversion and turned these reports into political clubs to be pulled out when needed by the Democratic Party.

They have destroyed the believability of all future women and called into question many of the past reports. Even their delayed release – certainly timed to try and prevent a vote before midterm elections – is so highly suspicious and impossible to believe.

It is really too bad in our ridiculous world now women like them are coddled and of course must be believed. In reality they should have huge defamation of character law suits filed against them which should give all further women some thought about being used by a political party in such a way before they allow themselves to be used by the Democratic Party.

First the Democratic Party used African Americans to advance their goals.

Trump has shown black people it does not have to be that way.

Now women are allowing themselves to be used in just the same way – prostitutes for the Democratic Party.

I wanted to give all of you a different perspective then mine and most of what your are hearing on air from other women.  I hope these letters give you a different perspective on what is happening not only with Judge Kananaugh but in our culture and society today.

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