A new study by The National Partnership for Women & Families, reported in an article in Mlive.com, admits that they do not account for differences in education level, occupation or industry.  They just looked at the median pay for a woman in a full time job, compared that to the median income of men in a full time job, and came up with a $12,739 difference.

Does that sound right to you? Does that sound fair or “equal” to you?

If the answer to the above questions is no, then you no longer need to read any further into an article that states that or does not account for the differences.  Just simply stop there and move on to other articles that interest you.

The study in question states that women in Michigan are “missing out on $16 billion dollars in wages”.  Really? Are they really, if you do not account for differences in education level, occupation or industry?

If you had a higher level of education, experience, job or even worked in a different industry, would you compare yourself to someone with less education, experience, job responsibilities and in an entirely different industry to you?  Would you expect that person, even within your own gender to make less or more than you?  Of course you would not, in fact you would probably not even think about that question or comparison in the first place.

The deputy communications director for The National Partnership for Women & Families is quoted in the article stating:

"However, there are studies that show that, when you do control for factors like education and occupation, a gap still exists, which has led researchers to conclude that discrimination and bias are still significant contributors to the gap.”

Okay,then what is that real number when all things are considered equal?  Well, they do not tell us that number and I have never seen that number.  That tells me the studies have not been performed, or the results are not what they want you to see, because it would harm their argument.  Believe me, if the results would help their cause that number would be given to us.

All most intelligent thinking people want is the truth and the real facts, then we can make a judgement and either agree or disagree with the cause.

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