When Rykse's Restaurant and Bakery decided to consolidate it's operations in Texas Township, this left a lot of food preparation equipment available from the now closed Stadium Drive operation. That equipment is being auctioned off today thru online auction site Biddergy.com. The auction ends at 8pm.

All equipment, supplies, furniture, fixtures and more must be sold! This is a great opportunity to bid on gently used items from ovens, coolers, tables and chairs, mixers, dishware, racking, to even a belt driven fan system! Rykse’s Restaurant will move its operations to its Texas Township location! The building on Stadium has been sold and is slated for demolition. - Biddergy press release


Furniture, appliances and equipment is up for auction from the former Rykse's Stadium Drive location on biddergy.com today until 8pm. (Photos provided by biddergy.com. Used by permission)