This abandoned School House was the site of a gruesome discovery in April of 1990. That discovery is what inspired a scene in the movie Jeepers Creepers. 

Bronson, Michigan is a small community west of Coldwater and has a bit of fame thanks to Hollywood. A speeding van, an abandoned building, a bloody sheet and making words from license plates. All things from the movie and this real life murder. The Murder of Coldwater school counselor, Marilyn DePue.  Here is a video combining the TV show Unsolved Mysteries and that scene in Jeepers Creepers.

Inside the "Jeepers Creepers" School

Our Urban Exploration crew made the trip to Bronson Michigan to check out the school and even met with Chuck Shimp who purchased the old school building only a few weeks before. Check out the photos we got while we were there. I should also note that I has two fully charged camera batteries and a fully charged cellphone when I went inside, I managed to take only 3 or 4 photos before every battery died. I walked outside and everything was fine. When I went back in, nothing worked.

The building had been used as a sheep barn for several years. Then, in March 2017, a fire broke out in the school, straw left in the school was set on fire causing minor damage.

The new owner, Chuck Shimp said that he is considering restoring the building and moving his excavating business office there. Mr. Shimp also made it very clear, that while we were given permission to enter the building while he was there, it is NOT open to the public and he will prosecute trespassers.

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