Senior dogs are often overlooked. Let's help find Scrumpy a forever home.

Scrumpy, a 10-year-old Terrier, Pit Bull mix who has been in the care of The SPCA of Southwest Michigan for over a year.  According to the SPCA, he loves a good walk, but also loves to cuddle.  Susie's Senior Dogs recently posted a photo of him with the hopes of drawing some attention to this sweet old man.

Susie's Senior Dogs is an organization,

"Bringing awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs and the benefits to adopting an older pet."

A volunteer wrote to Susie's Senior Dogs,

"Scrumpy is a 10 year old terrier mix and he has been at the shelter for almost a year now (he is also the longest resident currently). He was picked up as a stray. After a year at the shelter we hope 2017 is when he is able to find a home!

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