A Kalamazoo family is expressing thanks and gratitude to Kalamazoo Firefighters, Police and first responders for their efforts in battling a blaze at the family's home Friday evening. Three furry family members perished in the fire, however fire crews were able to retrieve two irreplaceable items from the family's home. Read the open letter of thanks below...

I want to give a shout out to the Kalamazoo Police and Fire Department. This large support, the number of people who showed up to help OUR house and do their jobs well... It's an amazing feeling. It is so amazing to live in a city where I feel valued and loved. Our entire family knows that "home" is Kalamazoo, even though we come from and have been from all over.
The amazing respect, professionalism, bravery, commitment, communication, and empathy from everyone who was on the scene at our home on Friday night is still helping comfort me today.
Every single person assisting our situation was nothing but kind and endearing to us in some of our darkest moments.
I am blown away by the first responders performance and the execution of the evening. I have full faith, love, and thanks for our local officials. Thank you all for everything you did, and for handling our animals with such grace and honor.
Special thank you to the few who suited back up, to go back inside, and look for my son & father's ashes. Your compassion and the way you handled them so securely as you walked them over to me is forever in my mind. It means the world to me.

Thank you again, for everything you did. ♥️#Kalamazoo  ~Lizz Joslin

Created by Joslin Family for Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety
Created by Joslin Family for Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety

The family did have homeowners insurance but a GoFundMe page has been set up on the family's behalf to help them with immediate needs and long term recovery until those insurance funds become available.

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