It's hard to argue with the Farmers' Almanac. Despite its "less-than-scientific" approach to predicting weather, harvests, and world events... SOMEHOW, it keeps getting it right. It's like the Astrology of World Events, except... this is REAL!

It seems to think about winter when we're still under the occasional heat advisory, but winter predictions are out for 2022, and according to the Farmers' Almanac, it's going to be cold and snowy in Michigan. BUT, not just any normal cold or snowy year... "UNREASONABLY Cold and Snowy!"
(see their prediction map at the bottom of this story)

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That is insane! It's predicting us to be so exceptionally cold, and covered in so much snow... it is OUTSIDE OF ALL REASON!?!?!

Great. My first winter in Michigan, and I'm going to be buried alive in snow and freeze to death!

The good news is, winter doesn't start until Dec. 21st, so we've got a few months to stock up and get ready.

Seriously, this is an actual prediction from this year's Almanac.

"Got Flannel? Hot Chocolate? Snowshoes? It's time to stock up! According to our extended forecasts, this winter season will have plenty of snow, rain, and mush - as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures! We are warning readers to get ready to 'Shake, Shiver, and Shovel!"

I appreciate them trying to be cute about this, but also... no. Not when you're predicting major winter storms as well. One will be in the first week of January Impacting areas in the Plains mostly, east of the Rocky Mountains.

But it's the second one that I'm not a fan of.

"January 16-23, we'll raise another red flag for bouts of heavy rain and snow across the eastern two-thirds of the country followed by what might be one of the coldest outbreaks of arctic air we have seen in several years. How Cold? Try 40 degrees below zero!"

So now that I know this, instead of traveling to see my family for Christmas this year, I'm scheduling a family vacation in Florida in January.

The full winter forecast is on the Farmers' Almanac site, and it doesn't really seem to matter where you click in it... it sucks.

Farmers' Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

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