I honestly don't know how many Faygo flavors there have been since the Feigenson brothers started making their soda pop in 1907. And I'll almost bet the current crop of Faygo flunkies don't even know! It's possible some of the one-shot flavors and special limited editions have been lost to time.

All I know is, I've always dug Faygo...especially the Cream Soda...now spelled as 'c-r-e-m-e'. Why the spell change? Someone over the decades must have complained that Cream Soda doesn't have real cream in it...and they are right. It's a vanilla flavor that tastes...well, creamy. So now any product that used to be called 'cream something' (but doesn't have real cream) is now spelled 'c-r-e-m-e'. That usually goes for pop, cookies, and pastries with light filling.

But back to Faygo.

I also dug Rock & Rye, because it was a 'cream cola' flavor. Grape is good, and I actually prefer Faygo Cola over many other colas. I've recently been enjoying their root beer, too.

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Then there are the wacky flavors like Candy Apple, Cotton Candy.....and didn't they used to have a Bubble Gum flavor? I thought I saw it once but can't find any mention of it anywhere. I still see Arctic Sun in stores for the usual price, but I saw a bottle on Ebay selling for twelve bucks. What's up with that?

Did you know that Faygo also tried its hand at REAL beer? Yup.....the brew came out in 1934 and quickly disappeared.

Then there were those cool old animated TV commercials from the 50s and 60s that featured the Faygo Kid transporting Faygo Root Beer by stagecoach. There were also cartoon commercials for Faygo's 'Uptown' which were funny. Uptown was a lemon-lime, '7-Uppy' flavor that eventually dropped the name and changed it to 'Twist'. I liked the moniker 'Uptown' MUCH better.

So if you're a Faygo fan, the gallery below shows over forty Faygo flavors and products, spanning one hundred and fifteen years: 1907-2022...Happy Anniversary, Faygo...!

Forty-Eight Flavors of Faygo


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