I have been telling my listeners for months now that we should keep our powder dry on where to lay blame in the Flint water crises.

As I say on air let us first make sure the people of Flint’s water is safe to drink then let us take a long detailed investigation at what occurred and the people who are responsible.

I felt like I was all alone out there in my approach.  I did not jump on the let’s blame the State, Governor, EPA and President for this band wagon.

Finally I found a Main Stream Media, in the form of The Detroit News that is taking a different approach from the band wagon people.

An editorial written in The Detroit News dated February 3rd 2016 titled “No good answers in Flint water switch” is their attempt to bring some clarity and saneness to news reporting on this issue.

Thanks for finally seeing it my way and welcome, what took you so long.?

As they stated in their editorial piece:

“the decision to move to a new regional water authority was driven by local officials in Flint and Genesee County, and was initially met with skepticism by the Snyder administration.”

The Snyder administration was initially hesitant to move water sources, very interesting!

The Detroit News was even reporting that Governor Snyder requested a second meeting between Flint and DWSD in hopes that a resolution would be found.

It unfortunately did not resolve in an amicably settlement, one in which Flint would continue to stay with DWSD.

All of you who believe this was the heavy hand of the State via the Emergency Manager law who usurped local control are wrong, it was actually opposite and that was to comply or cave into Flint’s elected leaders wants, desire and decision.

The big question to ask, research, investigate and finally answer is who were the people responsible to not add anti-corrosive additives to the Flint River water?

That could be Flint’s Water Serivice Center, Michigan’s DEQ or the EPA.  It could also be and probably will end up being all three of them.

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