Let us first lay out the facts:

There has been plenty of opportunity for people who want to get vaccinated to do so.

We are told by one branch of the government that if you wear a mask and social distance yourself 6 feet from other human beings you should be protected. For fairness and balance, we are told by another branch of government that, that is not true.

The graduating class of 2020 was not allowed to celebrate the milestone in their lives of attending a real graduation ceremony.

Adults, as most do every day, weigh the risks of life.

We were told that Super Bowl parties would be a super spreader event that did not happen.  Then the government/Democrats held a big inaugural event for Biden which Whitmer attended with her children, was that a super spreader event?  Also, we were told by the government/Democrats that BLM, Antifa and counter-protestor events were fine to hold during this pandemic.  Screaming, shouting, rioting and looting were allowed to occur by the Democrats and they did not seem to have any super spreader concerns about those events.

So let the high school graduating class of 2021 have a real graduation ceremony with any adult and their families that choose to attend.  That is what the elected state of Michigan Republicans and two Democrat State Representatives and one Democrat Senator has done by stepping up to the plate for these young adults and allow them this milestone in their lives. We can now state that it was a bipartisan vote to allow these graduation ceremonies to be exempted from Whitmer’s crowd size order.

Michigan’s House and Senate voted yesterday to exempt high schools' graduation ceremonies from Whitmer’s executive/emergency orders on crowd limits. The House voted 60-48 and the Senate voted 21-15 in favor of exempting Michigan High Schools from Whitmer’s executive/emergency orders on crowd size.

The Detroit News reported that Senator Jim Runestad, Republican from White Lake said this is an "important milestone" in their life and:

We should trust them to safely manage their own graduations”

State Representative Ann Bollin, R-Brighton said:

"I believe they can and will do it safely”

Whitmer’s spokesman Bobby Leddy stated that the governor is a parent and understands "how important it is for students, parents and families to celebrate graduations”.  Ok Bobby, good for her what exactly is her position on this bipartisan passed bill?

Leddy went on to say:

"To clarify, there is nothing that prevents in-person graduations…Our administration continues to encourage families and school districts to hold ceremonies to honor students' incredible achievements while ensuring the safety of all attendees. We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in future endeavors."

I am glad you and her say you feel that way but nowhere in the bill or statements from those who voted yes do they state that anyone is against in-person graduations.  Perhaps you should read the bill and the comments made by legislators who voted to pass it before you make such uninformed comments on behalf of Whitmer.  Or was it Whitmer who told you to make such uninformed comments?

The question now is will Whitmer sign the bill?

Why don’t the high schools just call this a wake/funeral for a Democrat politician or a BLM/Antifa/Counter Protestor event and let these young adults have their day with all of their loved ones?

Problem solved.  Next problem, please.

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