We do this every year for every season... "Is this happening at the usual time?"  My wife Karla and I were just doing that with the leaves changing; wondering if the change is earlier or later than usual.  I'm not well versed in how soon we get snow but I can reference when snow fell pretty late.  It was the early to mid 90s and one of my college buddies and I were on the 3rd hole at The Elks golf Club (now the Prairies) and it started to flurry a little...And that was May 3rd.  So call it what you want; climate change or natural cycles.

This year it looks like we will get, at least some flurries, next Wednesday or Halloween or maybe both.  The forecast is for rain and low 40s but overnight Wednesday into Thursday the actual forecast calls for SNOW SHOWERS!!!  Is it earlier than usual?  I'm not sure.  Is it earlier than it should be?  Definitely!!!


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