I was lucky enough to spend Labor Day Weekend at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel for their Jazz Weekend, and we had the time of our lives.  The trip up was a nice little car and ferry ride.   I even bumped into Governor Rick Snyder, as we waited for the ferryboat in Mackinac City.  Meanwhile, musician Mark Braun was travelling a much different path to the island.

Mark Lincoln Braun, who goes by the name “Mr. B”, pedaled a bike, along with his crew, from Flint to Mackinac, but not just any bike.  The "Joybox Express" is a custom made tricycle, complete with a 385 piano!  And not only did Mr. B. and his team pedal the piano-bike 240 miles in 28 ½ hours to Mackinac City, they tied a rope around it and swam to the island with the "Joybox" Express in tow!

Why?   For Kids.  Specifically for kids in Flint.

The Joybox Express is raising money in the “Sprint 4 Flint: Ride, Swim, Give.”  

Mr. B. explained in for us in this video, just before his weekend concert at the Grand Hotel.


If you'd like to contribute to the cause, please click here to donate.

Here’s a little clip of Mr. B, with bassist Paul Keller and drummer Pete Siers at the Grand Hotel’s Jazz Weekend picnic on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017.






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